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80's @ 8 With Bamber 5/12

Amber Spencer


Welcome to my Totally Awesome blog, where you'll find all things 80's! This is the place to find each show's playlist along with *Trivia Tidbits* (*TT) on some of the songs played. It's also where I will let you know if Flock of Seagulls decides to go back on tour, if leg warmers make a come back or if Billy Idol gets arrested...again! 

May 12th Playlist

  • The Stroke - Billy Squire

*"Take your shoes off, let your hair down..." Eminem sampled The Stroke on his track Berzerk, and according to a response by Billy Squire, he was "flattered and pleased" by Eminem's use.

  • Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

*Whoaaa....they were more than halfway there! This Bon Jovi gem was rated as the #1 song on VH1's Greatest 100 Songs of the 80's.

  • Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Poison

*Ah, love is bittersweet...this song was written by Bret Michaels in a laundromat after a break up (the thorn) due to his successful career touring with Poison (the Rose). Believe it or not this song was actually first played on a country music station, and made it on the pop, rock and country charts!

  • Burning Down The House - Talking Heads

*From their 5th studio album, "Speaking in Tongues", this song was the band's highest charting single.

  • Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

*Although first claimed to be about "motivation", the clear sexual innuendo of this song caused an attempted ban...surprisingly in the UK,  but not America, where the likes of Tipper Gore's "Parental Advisory Label" was still a year into the future.

  • Shout - Tears For Fears

*AAAAAAAGGGHHH! "Shout" was inspired by a form of Psychological treatment called Primal Therapy, where you pretty much just scream until you feel better. John Lennon happened to practice this style of therapy too.

  • Word Up - Cameo

*Covered by Korn  - and the 40-Year-Old Virgin! If you're a fan of "Word Up" check out their other 80's albums, "Cameosis," "She's Strange" or "Feel Me".

  • Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

*If you're listening closely and think the chorus sounds suspiciously like Michael Jackson, that's because it is MJ! Rockwell was no less famous himself, being the son of Motown Founder, Berry Gordy. 

  • Walk This Way - Aerosmith & Run DMC

*Rev Run also did a rendition of this song with Elmo on Sesame Street - "Hop This Way" helped Elmo learn about grasshoppers. Yep. 

  • It's Still Rock & Roll To Me - Billy Joel

* " phase, new wave, dance craze, anyways..."

  • The Heart of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis & The News

* "Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?" One of 12 Top 10 Hits for this band, mentioned or featured in movies, like Back to the Future and American Psycho.