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80's @ 8 With Bamber 5/19

Amber Spencer

MAY 19th Playlist

  • Jump - Van Halen

*Rumored to be one of the 'possible' reasons David Lee Roth left the band was the disagreement over the inclusion of this song on their "1984" album. While Eddie Van Halen was classically trained on piano (and only learned guitar much later) he wrote the synthesizer part that Diamond Dave didn't like. Guess what Eddie says goes. And so did Roth after this album.


  • Welcome to the Jungle - Guns-N-Roses

* This song is obviously about trying to make it big in L.A., but for those who don't know, William Bailey (aka Axl Rose) is an Indiana native, having been born in raised in Lafayette, IN. 


  • White Wedding - Billy Idol

*"Hey little sister..." Billy Idol finally clarified that this song was not about his real life sister, but instead about being in love with a woman who marries someone else. Ironic that despite it's twisted take on marriage it gets played at so many weddings.


  • One Thing Leads To Another - The Fixx

*A song about politics that still holds true today over 30 years later...'why don't they do what they say, say what they mean..." One thing leads to another.


  • My Sharona - The Knack

*Written in 1979, but still popular in the early 80's, "Sharona" (Alperin) was the real life crush of the Knack's Doug Fieger. They dated and were engaged at one point but later ended it. Run DMC sampled the guitar part for "It's Tricky".


  • What I Like About You - The Romantics

*The Romantics decided on their band name because they were formed on Valentine's Day in 1977. Even though this song never made it on the Top 40, it was their most well known song. It got attention after it was used in a Budweiser Commercial.  


  • The Future's So Bright -Timbuk 3

*A one-hit-wonder for Timbuk 3, it was later said that this was sort of a pessimistic/sarcastic take on life and not some bright and shiny outlook on the future. Huh? Why so cynical?


  • Manic Monday - The Bengles

* This first hit for the Bengles was written for them by none other than Prince, who helped propel them to fame. (Not the first time he would do that, as you'll see below). Interestingly, in 1986 while Prince's own song "Kiss" was #1, "Manic Monday" was at #2. They went on to make several more hit songs like "Hazy Shade of Winter," "Eternal Flame," and of course, "Walk Like an Egyptian."


  • Glamorous Life - Sheila E.

*Another song written by Prince. Initially he wrote it for yet another group he was helping, "Vanity 6", but after meeting Sheila E. he gave the song to her. "Vanity 6" became "Apollonia 6" after Vanity backed out of the film, Purple Rain, which instead featured Apollonia and of course, The Time.


  • Oh Sheila - Ready For The World

*This song slipped through the cracks and didn't garner as much attention mainly because it sounded to much like Prince...but wasn't. And it also wasn't about Sheila E. as most people thought, the name was just picked randomly. 


  • Jungle Love - Morris Day & The Time

* What Time is it? The Time was yet another group created by His Royal Badness, Prince. He is listed in the writing credits for this song as well. The Time were featured as his rivals in Purple Rain, but Prince had known Morris Day since high school when they were in a very early band together. 

  • Invisible Touch - Genesis

*Featuring Phil Collins as the vocalist (instead of previous Genesis lead singer Peter Gabriel), this was one of 17 top 40 hits for Genesis. And it went straight to #1. From the album of the same name, if you want to know more about how great the "Invisible Touch" album is, go watch American Psycho!


  • New Sensation - INXS

* "Live, baby live!" INXS were one of a handful of bands from "the land down under" that were popular in the 80's...(AC/DC, Men at Work, Crowded House, Midnight Oil). They had several hits like "Suicide Blonde," "Never Tear us apart," "Disappear," and "Need you tonight".

  • You Got Lucky - Tom Petty

*From the album "Long After Dark" and just one of the many hits Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers would have in the 80's. The video for this song, with it's "Mad Max" feel, was just the beginning of creativity displayed in their music video's made...also seen in their later video's for songs like "Don't Come Around Hear No More" and "Last Dance With Mary Jane".


  • Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band

*Little known, the Greg Kihn band had minor hits with this song and "The Break Up Song" but he was at least popular enough to catch the interest of Weird Al, who parodied this one with "I Lost On Jeopardy". Greg Kihn was a real sport though, and had a cameo in Al's video.